My sister sent me this awesome photo of my mother…when she was in her 20’s…taken somewhere in Canada (she was French Canadian)…and she is knitting…which I love.  She died when I was 5, soon to turn 6, in 1963.  Therefore, the memories I have of her are limited to the mind of a 5 year old.

She was a stay at home mom, who did not know how to drive.  She was very creative:  made our dresses – smocked,embroidered, knitted, sang and played the piano beautifully,  made fudge on Friday nights for my Dad, and blueberry pies from berries that grew in the nearby woods, and spoke fluent French.  She was faithful to her religion, and raised us accordingly.   Family meant something back then.  And she had a lot of it.  Originally from Canada, her family – like many French Canadians of the day, left the farms of Canada and moved to New England – ultimately to work the textile mills of the area.  It was there that she met my Dad – of Ukrainian descendant – and against the preference of her parents (Catholic, non-Catholic being a big issue back then), they married, and eventually moved to NH.  Looking at photos we were clearly poor…but I have no recollection of that.

I did inherit a few “talents” from her, and even attempted piano (and French) more than once, to no-avail –  but I can make a mean fudge!img_20160313_071428597.jpg

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Spring inserts

Well…here we are – already in March…Easter just a few weeks away…added a few items to fill in the gaps from my Christmas decorations…bunnies, sheep, and eggs…done!!! img_20160301_090125704.jpg

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.verbenaIt has been an easy winter.  These have managed to bloom all through it…even surviving a frost or two…Just think…we turn the clocks ahead in just two weeks time…March 13th…where did you go O’Winter?!!!

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An after thought that came before


Mr. Wonderful built this fireplace mantel…I asked for electric sockets so that someday I could put cute little lamps at each end or string  Christmas lights with ease.  In my  mind’s eye there would be two sockets in the wall…one at each end…placed just above the mantel…easy to hide…here is what was in his mind’s eye!   


One socket, mounted flush into the mantel…Not visible…but oh so practical!  Very clever, Mr. Wonderful! 

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A storm is a coming!

Sometimes I miss the days when there was no weather channel or Doppler radar…when weather just happened, and no one sat around watching for days on end to see IF that big storm was actually coming your way or not…I know – it does serve its purpose of alerting people and I am sure lives are saved because of it.  But last night we had tornado warnings…and watches…and minute by minute notifications as to what street the tornado (or was it a water spout?) was on, and to take caution NOW.   It truly can work a body into turmoil.  Mr. Wonderful went to bed – sleeping soundly, with the instruction to let him know if something was coming and if we needed to bolt into the closet. I stayed up…listening as the weather alerts on our cell phones went off…wondering should we go now, should I gather family “treasures”?…But, I must have dozed in the chair because when I woke up it was over and it was the next county’s turn to watch and worry.  Our business office/shop is down the street – 3 minutes with no traffic.  We couldn’t see it last night, but trusted it would be ok.  And indeed it was.  Not even a branch or blue tarp out of order.  Being in the afternoon of life, one comes to realize that you do what you can do, and you ultimately trust the Lord for the rest…He really does have it!!!

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Rosemary and Roses?

Bunny and rosemary

I had been waiting for a great name for a Blog…and it arrived out of nowhere…Back up a few days to a birthday dinner we were hosting.  Personally, I love fresh flowers – and so they always show up in my table’s center.  Mr. Wonderful (aka The Husband) went to the store to fetch flowers for the centerpiece…with the hopeful instructions that they needed to be red…he came back with the tiniest of pink roses, and proceeded to make 4 small vases of roses and rosemary (which I grow in the garden, simply because they are easy – love neglect – and I use it on occasion in roasted chicken).  Next arrived a great pale green bunny bedecked with a pink and green ribbon – as a hostess gift!  LOVE IT!!!  So, I took a photo of said bunny along with a vase of rosemary and roses and messaged the gift giver “Now doesn’t he look quite the contented one!!!…nibbling on rosemary and roses!!!…and thus the name arrived…Just like that!…

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