Rosemary and Roses?

Bunny and rosemary

I had been waiting for a great name for a Blog…and it arrived out of nowhere…Back up a few days to a birthday dinner we were hosting.  Personally, I love fresh flowers – and so they always show up in my table’s center.  Mr. Wonderful (aka The Husband) went to the store to fetch flowers for the centerpiece…with the hopeful instructions that they needed to be red…he came back with the tiniest of pink roses, and proceeded to make 4 small vases of roses and rosemary (which I grow in the garden, simply because they are easy – love neglect – and I use it on occasion in roasted chicken).  Next arrived a great pale green bunny bedecked with a pink and green ribbon – as a hostess gift!  LOVE IT!!!  So, I took a photo of said bunny along with a vase of rosemary and roses and messaged the gift giver “Now doesn’t he look quite the contented one!!!…nibbling on rosemary and roses!!!…and thus the name arrived…Just like that!…



In the afternoon of life...on the backside of things...with my very own Mr. Wonderful...fluffing the nesting, living the strenuous life, with a heart for younger women/mothers - who just want to get it right...
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One Response to Rosemary and Roses?

  1. Karen Denmark (KC) says:

    Love the name and beautifully written! Thanks for sharing from your heart! Love you my friend!

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