A storm is a coming!

Sometimes I miss the days when there was no weather channel or Doppler radar…when weather just happened, and no one sat around watching for days on end to see IF that big storm was actually coming your way or not…I know – it does serve its purpose of alerting people and I am sure lives are saved because of it.  But last night we had tornado warnings…and watches…and minute by minute notifications as to what street the tornado (or was it a water spout?) was on, and to take caution NOW.   It truly can work a body into turmoil.  Mr. Wonderful went to bed – sleeping soundly, with the instruction to let him know if something was coming and if we needed to bolt into the closet. I stayed up…listening as the weather alerts on our cell phones went off…wondering should we go now, should I gather family “treasures”?…But, I must have dozed in the chair because when I woke up it was over and it was the next county’s turn to watch and worry.  Our business office/shop is down the street – 3 minutes with no traffic.  We couldn’t see it last night, but trusted it would be ok.  And indeed it was.  Not even a branch or blue tarp out of order.  Being in the afternoon of life, one comes to realize that you do what you can do, and you ultimately trust the Lord for the rest…He really does have it!!!


About rosemaryandroses.com

In the afternoon of life...on the backside of things...with my very own Mr. Wonderful...fluffing the nesting, living the strenuous life, with a heart for younger women/mothers - who just want to get it right...
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