My sister sent me this awesome photo of my mother…when she was in her 20’s…taken somewhere in Canada (she was French Canadian)…and she is knitting…which I love.  She died when I was 5, soon to turn 6, in 1963.  Therefore, the memories I have of her are limited to the mind of a 5 year old.

She was a stay at home mom, who did not know how to drive.  She was very creative:  made our dresses – smocked,embroidered, knitted, sang and played the piano beautifully,  made fudge on Friday nights for my Dad, and blueberry pies from berries that grew in the nearby woods, and spoke fluent French.  She was faithful to her religion, and raised us accordingly.   Family meant something back then.  And she had a lot of it.  Originally from Canada, her family – like many French Canadians of the day, left the farms of Canada and moved to New England – ultimately to work the textile mills of the area.  It was there that she met my Dad – of Ukrainian descendant – and against the preference of her parents (Catholic, non-Catholic being a big issue back then), they married, and eventually moved to NH.  Looking at photos we were clearly poor…but I have no recollection of that.

I did inherit a few “talents” from her, and even attempted piano (and French) more than once, to no-avail –  but I can make a mean fudge!img_20160313_071428597.jpg



In the afternoon of life...on the backside of things...with my very own Mr. Wonderful...fluffing the nesting, living the strenuous life, with a heart for younger women/mothers - who just want to get it right...
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